InfoTV launches first public pilot

After some time developing, testing and private pilots, InfoTV now launches public in Coffeemania. While clients wait in line to order, they are getting informed with the information they just might need. We helped Coffeemania with the position, size and installation of their new screen.

In the beginning of 2015 the conversation with Coffeemania about InfoTV started. While we were still developing, we involved the client directly in our process.

Bertrand van Buchem from Coffeemania Overvecht in Utrecht had the idea to promote their sandwiches besides their coffee and saw potential in our time-dependant module. This way they can put their sandwiches on sale for a limited time per day. But he also wanted to promote events happening in his establishment. In the old way he had to print different flyers or write on a weather-proof chalkboard, which is expensive. With his InfoTV, he can now put everything in the cloud even from home.

Because Coffeemania Overvecht is located at a trainstation, we advised to implement departure times. Van Buchem: "This doesn't offer me revenue, but it's an extra service that I can deliver to my clients." In that same thought we also implemented national news and weather information. Via our online CMS he can manage how long each slide is shown, and pre-schedule a planning.

We will - of course - continue to develop our hard- and software even further, and we will definitely involve our clients with our process. We're excited!

"It's an extra service that I can deliver to my clients." Bertrand van Buchem, Coffeemania Overvecht
About InfoTV

InfoTV delivers cloudbased narrowcasting software for the retail, hospitality and business industry.